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5 Very Comfortable Transcription Headsets

High Quality Transcription Headset

Though it may be difficult to find the transcription headset that is just right for you, there are several on the market that are perfect for your needs and for your comfort. Rather than being overwhelmed by the large number of options available, consider these options below.

• Spectra USB Transcription Headset
Spectra is one of the most reliable brands of headsets on the market. The USB connector allows you to hook this set to your computer or laptop. Volume control is digital, proving this brand and model to be on the cutting-edge of technology. Its ear pieces fit easily and comfortably, featuring dome-shaped pieces that conform to the shape of your ear. The Spectra USB Transcription Headset also features a shirt clip and ten-foot cord for additional ease and adaptability. And, with a cost of approximately $28, it’s an affordable alternative.

• Lanier Headset Profession Elite Transcription Headset
At an affordable, but higher-cost level (around $48), the Lanier Headset allows you to switch between stereo and mono. It also fits numerous brands of transcribers, giving you plenty of options at high quality. The volume control switch is also located on the headset, allowing for an easy adjustment. The ear pieces are small and padded and the headset itself is quite light, proving itself to be a comfortable, high-tech option.

• Phillips Speech Deluxe Transcription Headset LFH0334/00
Phillips offers a comfortable and affordable option at $38 for an under-the-chin style. Its ten-foot cable enables free movement. It features high-quality audio as it has a decently-sized speaker. This set is lightweight and prevents pain around the head (or even headache) with its style, designed to fall below the chin.

• ECS SH-55 USB Wishbone Style Headset
This wishbone-style headset offers a comfortable and highly flexible design. This product also has a USB port for use with your computer. The ten-foot cord enables versatility as the condensed and easy-access volume control allows its user to move and make adjustments swiftly. The ear pieces are cushioned with a sponge-like cover for comfort. At a price of approximately $32, this headset is a nice option for those looking for comfort and affordability.

• ECS WordSmith Noise Reduction In Ear USB Transcription Headset with Volume Control
The ECS WordSmith Headset is comfortable, high-tech, and easy to carry and use. This headset offers extremely high-quality audio and is compatible with many software programs and transcribing systems. Its volume quality allows its user to transcribe more easily while its noise reduction feature provides a focused working environment. The headset features ear buds that are small, with comfortably coated covers that fit and conform nicely to any ear-size.

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High Quality Transcription Headset: Have A Look
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High Quality Transcription Headset: Have A Look
Is selecting a transcription headset tough task for you? Not anymore. Here find list of comfortable transcription headset that ensures extremely high quality audio anytime.

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