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How Transcription Is the Only Boost For Your Podcast Needs

Anyone who runs a podcast should be conscious about how to rank that presentation higher in Google and other major search engines. With higher rankings, you’ll get more traffic and more customers.

So what’s the key to higher search rankings? Make a podcast transcription to go along with your audio.

podcast transcription

Here are points to keep in mind when using a transcription service:

Why Podcast Transcription Matters
If all you post online is a podcast of an audio and visual presentation, then it will not have the added benefit of the text that can be crawled by search engines. By transcribing your audio and publishing it on your website, you will be giving search engines keywords and content to index.

Podcast transcripts are more user-friendly for your visitors because it gives them the text as an option in case they are at work or a place where they are not allowed to listen to audio. Transcripts can assist them in skimming through audio. It also accommodates all the other followers who would rather read than listen.

Your biggest challenge for your podcast to rank higher is closely tied to the quality of your content that is transcribed. If it reads like an article full of useful content, then it’s worth transcribing and can help your rankings.

Benefits of Transcription Services
Transcription services can bring your business much more value than just higher search rankings.

  • It gives your site an archive of evergreen content that can have everlasting relevance.
  • A transcription can also potentially be a product that followers purchase online. Even if it’s a free download, it still provides value to your visitors.
  • Transcriptions give visitors a roadmap of where important quotes are in a speech, which can also save time in producing sound bite compilations.

Finding the Right Service
Make sure that you do some research before you hire a transcriptionist. Some of the things to ask about include how long they’ve been in business, what they specialize in and how quickly their turnaround time is.

Visit GMR Transcription to learn more about how podcast transcription can give you higher search rankings.

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How Transcription Is the Only Boost Your Podcast Needs
Article Name
How Transcription Is the Only Boost Your Podcast Needs
Is your podcast not gaining enough traffic and high ranking on Google? Getting your podcast transcribed can boost its ranking immensely.

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