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Podcast Transcription: Your First Step Towards Writing a Book

If you want to write a book, you may want to hire a transcriptionist to help you plan your project. Part of the planning can involve podcasting, which helps you organize your thoughts. Podcasting is particularly useful if the book is based on a series of interviews, as the audio or video can too become part of the project.

Podcast Transcription- Your First Step Towards Writing a Book

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Here are more reasons to incorporate podcasting and transcription services in your book project.

  1. Podcasting Creates Unique Content

    When you interview an expert, the conversation can go many different directions, depending on the questions you ask. People like to dial into real conversations with authority who get to the heart of what they are searching for. The more authoritative your guests are, the more credibility your content will convey, making it valuable from a SEO perspective.

  2. Helps Refine Your Research

    By breaking your book down into podcasts, you can organize your research in a way that compartmentalizes each chapter as its own body of work and references. Ultimately, each podcast will contribute to a broad picture that will help you shape your book and plan out how concepts flow into each other.

  3. Build Book and Podcast Audiences Simultaneously

    From a marketing perspective, you can build both your book readership and podcast audience at the same time. Figure out who your top promoters are and give them content to share with others. Ideally, the people you interview will also become promoters of your work.

  4. Use Podcast Transcripts as Early Drafts

    As you get your podcasts transcribed, you will be figuring out which content is important enough to be included in your book. Each podcast transcription will help you in mapping out the direction your book is moving, as you will learn how to channel the facts toward a consistent narrative. Ultimately, podcasts will mark new milestones that move the project forward.

  5. Practice Writing Show Notes

    Writing show notes for each podcast is good practice for summarizing your book. The more meaningful summaries you can offer, the more attention your book will attract.

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Podcast Transcription: Your First Step Towards Writing a Book
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Podcast Transcription: Your First Step Towards Writing a Book
Use podcast transcripts as early drafts for your book and it will help you learn to draw a consistent narrative. Read more!
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