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10 Ways In Which Online Transcription Can Help Us

Online transcription allows a staggering range of content to extend beyond its original audience. From university lectures to legal witness statements, online transcription plays a critical role in a wide scope of professions, industries, and hobbies. These include — but are not limited to — the following:

Online Transcription Services

  1. Academic Transcription
    The transcription of academic materials makes them available to just about anyone who has a computer and an internet connection.

  2. Legal Transcription
    Lawyers, juries, and judges appreciate the accessibility and ease that transcriptions offer for witness statements, court hearings, video or audio evidence footage, and depositions.

  3. Lecture or Presentation Transcription
    Many people are able to absorb an oral lecture or presentation more effectively when it’s in a written format.

  4. Market Research Transcription
    Transcribing interviews, focus groups, and other outreach provides a clean, accurate record to make your feedback and data more useful.

  5. Keynote Speeches
    Transcribing a keynote speech is an ideal method for giving it staying power and making it a potentially powerful marketing tool for an organization.

  6. Sermon Transcription
    Transcribing and posting a sermon online greatly extends the reach of the content, allowing it to reacha much bigger audience.

  7. Business Transcription
    Modern companies use transcription to store and archive accurate documentation of interviews, meetings, and conference calls.

  8. Podcast Transcription
    A transcribed podcast is more searchable online, allowing it to reach people who are hearing impaired or simply prefer to read than listen to online content.

  9. Video Transcription
    Transcribing a video enables people to scan the video contents quickly, which offers a more comprehensive view than watching the first few minutes of the video.

  10. Dissertation Transcription
    Transcribing the interviews that you conduct while researching for your dissertation makes them much easier to work with.

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10 Ways In Which Online Transcription Can Help Us
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10 Ways In Which Online Transcription Can Help Us
Online transcription services empower a piece of informative content to extend its reach beyond its original target audience.

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