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3 Ways to Focus on the Finish While Enjoying the Experience

At the very beginning of any student’s college career, the overall goal that comes to mind is simple: graduate. Do what you have to do make sure that by the end of everything, you have that pretty piece of paper in your hand that proves to not only you, but all those who doubted you that you are truly worthy of greatness. However, while focusing on the finish is essential to achieving your overall success, there are times when it is easy to forget that the path is just as important to sculpting who you are by the end of it. Adversely, there are also those who tend to focus a little too much on the experience and let the steps needed to achieve a positive end fall to the wayside.

The question is how do you find a happy balance? From trying to emerge from pages and pages of schoolwork to establishing a solid social life, it can sometimes prove difficult to even rest a busy mind let alone take time to enjoy one’s surroundings. While all ideas may seem hopeless, there are simple steps and changes that you can make to ensure you the fullest experience possible.

1. Make a plan for the day
– As soon as you wake up, make a quick outline of your goals for the day. This greatly increases productivity and peace of mind.

2. Don’t be afraid to take breaks now and then
– A mind at rest proves to be just as productive as a mind at work. Plus, if all you do is work with no time to relax, then you might just overwork yourself resulting in fatigue and additional stress.

3. Jot down the highs and lows of your day
– Journaling may seem a bit juvenile, but it can be relaxing and provides an outlet and log for you to look back on. What better way is there to remember your experience than reading about it?

What are some ways that you like to enjoy your time?

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