5 Great Sleeping Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Get to Work at Dawn

To an entrepreneur, time is an asset. Therefore, a well planned sleep schedule and bedtime habits will enable you to rejuvenate from the days work and wake up feeling mentally and emotionally steady. The tips below will you maximize on the quality of sleep you get.

Go to bed early
Ideally, six hours of sleep is enough to maintain a healthy balance. If you have plans on getting up early, be sure to be in bed by the right time. Unless you have a regular bedtime, set a relaxing atmosphere to send signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. This should help out for those that are wind just a little too tight.

Use lights to enhance morning alertness
During winter season when the sunlight is hardly seen, use wake-up light signals at the time you intent to get out of bed. It’s scientifically proven that these wakeup light signals trigger less production of hormone melatonin thus enabling you wake up. In the dark, your brain secretes a lot of melatonin which helps you to stay asleep. When there is light whether natural or false, your brain will naturally discontinue the production of the chemical.

Keep a regular sleeping time
Unless you have an earlier than normal wake up time one day out of the week, try to be sure that you are in bed and up around the same time every day. Your body will adapt to your schedule and at some point you may no longer need an alarm clock to get you out of bed. As much as you want to oversleep, try not to, this will throw off your sleep cycle in more ways than one.

Maintain the right diet and a regular exercise routine
The way you eat and work out in the day depicts how well you will sleep at night. Avoid eating heavy meals or acidic foods before going to bed; they will cause stomach discomfort and heart burn. Caffeine and alcohol will deprive you of quality sleep, so stop consumption at least three hours before your scheduled bedtime.

Keep your bedroom sleep friendly
As an entrepreneur, invest in the best mattress and bed you can afford, this will ensure a comfortable nights rest. Be sure your bedroom is free of noise and well ventilated, cooler temperatures promote sleep.

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