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5 Self-Help Tips for Home Based Entrepreneurs

Work From Home Entrepreneurs

The decision to work from home has many benefits, but with it comes responsibility. There are ways, though, to ensure that working at home will be successful. Here are 5 self-help tips that will help you prepare and be productive.

Dedicate a Space for Work
Many women and men are choosing transcription as a career because it can be done from home, but you must decide where you will work. For example, if you choose a spare room or the dining room table, make sure you have all your supplies readily available. Organize your work area so you will be more productive. If you are a transcriptionist have your equipment set up and ready.

And remember: keep out distractions. Make your work area YOUR work area and nothing more.

Eliminate Interruptions While Working
It takes discipline to stick to a schedule. The doorbell might ring occasionally, kids or your spouse might want your attention and time, etc. How do you manage interruptions? Sit down and explain to your family that while you are working you are not available unless it is an emergency. Put a do not disturb sign up to remind family when you are working. You can also put a sign on the front door, so visitors do not ring the bell during certain hours.

Keep a To-do List 
Don’t forget important details or deadlines; keep a visible list. Get a whiteboard or corkboard and put up a printed list of daily tasks. Check off what you accomplish and stick to your plans. Also remember to prioritize your tasks based on time sensitivity and importance.

Set a Schedule for Working
There is no time clock to punch, but you need to work. Print out a schedule that you will stick with, and remember you can be flexible. In order to work effectively you need to create a routine and stick to it.

Keep Accurate Records 
Set up a spreadsheet and record your work time, assignments, pay, expenses, etc. Print it out monthly and go over it. What did you spend most time doing? What did you do the fastest (what are you best at)? Focus on the latter and try to improve the former. This will only increase your efficiency, boost your productivity, pad your wallet and make you more attractive to employers.

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Based Business a Success
Are you a home based entrepreneur? Do you often find it difficult to work at home? Here find some classic tips to manage your work and family both.

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