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5 Useful Tips on Overcoming Postural Problems Caused By Sitting

Postural Problems Caused Due to Sitting

Good posture is extremely important for anyone who spends time working while sitting. It’s a huge factor in maintaining productivity and reducing aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk for an extended period of time.

Poor posture results in lower back pain, rounded, weak shoulders and head or neck pain. It’s easy to fall into poor postural habits when sitting for hours at a desk, but fortunately there are some very simple remedies for the most common postural problems experienced by many people.

Spinal support
The ideal chair to use for extended periods of time is one that provides adequate back support, including lumbar support, to prevent pressure and strain on your lower back muscles and spine. A chair that fits the natural curve of your spine is best, but you can also use lumbar support cushions with any regular chair.

Feet positioning
Keep your feet flat on the floor for the best support. If they don’t reach the floor, use a foot rest to prevent strains and allow you to maintain good circulation in your legs. This also helps prevent muscle fatigue from extensive sitting.

Avoid reaching and twisting
Reaching too far or twisting as you reach can put strain on your muscles and can even cause muscle injuries. Keep objects that you use regularly within easy reach to avoid overreaching and potentially spraining muscles.

Maintain correct arm and shoulder posture
Keep your desktop workspace at elbow level to reduce muscle strain on your arms and shoulders. Keep your keyboard and mouse centered in front of you, within easy reach, to avoid overreaching and putting strain on your arms and shoulders. If the keyboard is too high, raise your chair to put yourself in the proper position. If it is too low, use a keyboard raiser to prevent strains.

Take short breaks
Maintaining the same position for too long can cause poor posture and muscle fatigue. Regular short breaks every half hour or so can keep you comfortable and increase your productivity. Even a change in position helps fight fatigue and poor posture.

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Tips for Healthy Sitting Posture
Overcome back, head and neck pain usually caused due to bad sitting posture with these 5 useful technique.

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