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5 Ways to Make Your Home Business Eco-Friendly

Go Green at Work

There are many ways for a home business to be eco-friendly. To go green and help save the environment you do not need to make large statements, gestures or sacrifices. Going green is beneficial and will save money, if done properly. If you work from home, that does not stop you from helping to save the environment. Here are some of the ways your business can be green and eco-friendly.

Reduce the use of paper, not only in your business, but by encouraging others to do things like: using email correspondence instead of standard post, printing on both sides of paper, reading emails on screen before printing, and filing correspondence electronically to save paper and space.

Save on office utilities by ensuring water taps do not leak. Make sure that lights are turned off when not needed. Raising the room temperature in the summer by 2 degrees and lowering room temperature in the winter by 2 degrees saves a lot on air conditioning and heating. In bathrooms use a water displacement dam to cut back on water usage.

If you are just starting out, save money and buy a wireless combination printer, fax, and copy machine. Even if you only have one computer, a combination machine for fax, copy and printing saves money on paper and electricity. At night, unplug electrical equipment so no vampire usage takes place.

Try to use suppliers that take back packaging or use recyclable packaging. Make the paper you do use the type that is made from recyclable material.

Think green in every decision you make. Hold monthly meetings to improve and do better staying green. And remember, you can inspire change in your friends and colleagues and really be an inspiration for others to protect the environment. Change starts with YOU.

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How Can You Go-Green at Work ?
If you take environment friendly steps at home then it won't be much difficult for you to keep your business green. Start practicing to make your home business more eco-friendly.

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