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7 Reasons to Outsource Law Enforcement Transcription

Law enforcement agencies often turn to outsourcing legal transcription after collecting video and audio to build a criminal case. Even if the audio can be clearly understood, it must still be transcribed and entered as documented evidence in court proceedings. Transcription is often required by legal professionals such as attorneys, prosecutors and public defenders. Many times law enforcement officials do not have time to do transcription work themselves.

Here are 7 reasons why law enforcement agencies such as Jillo Ryan outsource their documentation work to reliable and affordable transcription firms:

  1. Security Purposes
    Officials dealing with video and audio for an investigation need to protect against hard copy recordings circulating in the wrong hands, as files, films or tape can get destroyed. Uploading a video or audio file to a reliable transcription services provider has largely answered these concerns.

  2. Budget Limitations
    Many law enforcement agencies have seen their budgets get slashed during the financial crisis. Legal transcription is often outsourced to a service that offers a low rate per minute of audio.

  3. In-House Transcription Is Inefficient
    Law enforcement agencies with tight budgets, simply don’t have the time to make sure transcriptions are done accurately. Cutting corners and not putting in the time to proof a transcription can ruin a case. Outsourcing saves these organizations from paying in-house workers overtime.

  4. Management Savings
    It’s easier to find a transcription firm with a reputation for accuracy than to put an in-house manager as the charge of reviewing the material for accuracy.

  5. Recording Equipment Is Costly
    Even if a law enforcement agency can afford audio and video recording equipment, it still has to train people to use and maintain the gear. It’s usually more affordable to outsource transcription work to a company that already has the right quality equipment.

  6. Meeting Deadlines
    A reliable outsourced transcription service focuses on meeting deadlines as part of its mission, whereas a law enforcement agency might not have the available personnel to do the work quickly.

  7. Focus on Investigative Work
    Outsourcing legal transcription ultimately allows officers to focus on their investigative work as a priority.

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Article Name
7 Reasons to Outsource Law Enforcement Transcription
Legal professionals have less time for transcription related work. Outsourcing their law enforcement transcription can provide immense benefits both in terms of money and time.

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