8 Reasons Why Google Translate Cannot Be a Substitute for Learning a Language


Many people want to learn foreign languages to boost their career development in this globalized economy. However the method for doing this is under discussion. Many argue that Google translate helps them in understanding a foreign message, although institutions argue that Google translate is not the best option due to the following reasons.

Google Translator: Not Subtitle for Learning LanguageGoogle translate lacks proper intonation

The process of learning a language must be accompanied by proper pronunciations and intonation. This can only be done by a native speaker or professional language teacher.

It requires access to internet
Learning is a continuous process; language requires continuous exercises to enable mastery of pattern, vocabulary and grammar. It requires you to have unlimited contact with a speaker; Google translate pegs its service to availability of internet which is sometimes unavailable.

Lacks language accuracy
It is recognized that Google translate is yet to make its translations superfluous. Many errors exist in its translations. You cannot rely on it for effective communication.

Lack inter- person interactions
Relying on Google translate to know a language denies you the opportunities to share ideas and interact with speakers of the language. You will be limited to language and no personal touch or cultural experience. Remember language is part of culture.

Google translate requires typed documents
Unlike language learning where you master the language and translate or understand it instantly, Google translate requires that the information is typed and fed into the system. This is a slow process that is not effective for meetings.

Some translations by Google translate create animosity
Due to inaccuracies in its translations, some words may be offensive to the other party. This may not be your intention but animosity may arise thereafter.

No self fulfillment
There is usually self accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with learning a foreign language. This is not possible when you use the software.

Google translate makes people mechanical
Continuous uses of Google translate may turn you to a robot, a mechanical being not able to reason. Learn a foreign language the conventional way and continue being human in all spheres.

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