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Alphabet Tattoos: Don’t Fall Prey to Faulty Words

Getting a tattoo is a life changing experience and is something that will most likely remain on your body for a really long time. Because of this, you really want to make sure that it’s the tattoo you really want but also, that the tattoo is spelled right if you are going to get words on the tattoo itself.

• If you plan on using regular words in your spoken language, make sure you spell it right! Look it up on an online dictionary and write it on a piece of paper so you know the difference between they’re and their. Sadly, most tattoo artists won’t spend the time to tell you something is spelled incorrectly.

• If you plan on using another word or saying it in a different language other than yours, do yourself a favor and ask someone that speaks that language or at least knows how to write it out correctly. Again, write it down and let your tattoo artist know. Getting a tattoo in another language is really popular. Just look at some of the tattoo websites online and look at their photo gallery. This trend is also really popular with celebrities and athletes alike. Do you think they just chanced it or they got a human to translate it?

• Do yourself a favor and visit a site online that offers a human translation service. While most every site these days offers is a translation service, such as Bing or Google, 99% of the time the word gets lost in translation. For example, if you go to Bing and type “I love you” in English and use their translation service to convert it to French, you get “Je t’aime” which is indeed correct. But if you type something a little more descriptive out, such as a poem like “In My Heart” everything gets all messed up. Let’s be honest, a computer is a computer and a person is a person. If you want to get it right, hire a translation service that has real people translating the words!

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How to Ignore Mistakes in Alphabet Tattoos ?
Are you very much fond of tattoos and looking forward to get one? Learn how you can prevent yourself from becoming a prey of faulty words.

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