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What You Can Do to Avoid Grammatical Errors

What You Can Do to Avoid Grammatical Errors

Can’t remember how to spell a certain word? Do you go through and edit a document only to realize there are a lot more grammatical mistakes than you thought? Some of these can be common mistakes, but what about those “duh” moments where you look back and realize you should have known better? These can be attributed to how our brains are wired. Keep reading to learn about the relationship between grammatical mistakes and the brain’s wiring.

Brains Like Grouping, Even With Grammar

The main function of grammar is to create a context when writing, but our brains aren’t wired to understand the context in the same way. Instead, they like to group similar patterns and themes for better management. Similar sounding words or even words that look the same are going to be “grouped” into the same category by your brain. This can lead to simple grammatical mistakes that make you roll your eyes.

While you can’t re-wire your brain, you can be more aware of the words being turned into sentences. While focused on those complex sentences, the brain is going to be on grouping auto-pilot. Therefore, focusing on the words as they are typed or written is a trick that can help with catching mistakes the first time.

Keep Your Brain Refreshed, Not Stressed

As simple as it sounds, this is the biggest deterrent to those simple grammatical mistakes. Having a proper uninterrupted sleep, a healthy breakfast, drinking lots of water, and keeping stress levels low means making less grammatical mistakes in your work. Your brain will be able to focus fully on the words as you write and catch things as you go, making the editing phase a breeze.

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What You Can Do to Avoid Grammatical Errors
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What You Can Do to Avoid Grammatical Errors
Believe it or not but our brain can lead you to commit grammatical errors. So how can we avoid such mistakes? Read on to know.

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