Building Profitable and Meaningful Connections For Your Growing Business

Making connections in business is extremely important, but research by scientist Robin Dunbar shows that only 150 connections can be maintained by an average person at a time. Here are 5 helpful ways for entrepreneurs to maximize their profitable and meaningful connections when it comes to growing and expanding business reach.

Building Profitable and Meaningful Connections For Your Growing Business

  1. Enhance Your Office Design
    Modern business offices are designed to project a sense of connectedness and collaboration. Such an office features several meeting rooms with whiteboards that inspire collaboration. The strategic placement of a kitchen and staircases increases interaction, in which employees get to know each other better.

  2. Emphasis On Quality Customer Service
    Customer service ultimately makes or breaks a business. The customer support team should comprise individuals who genuinely care about treating people with respect and accommodating their needs. All employees, especially sales and marketing personnel, should be familiar with proper customer service.

  3. Hiring To Fit Your Business Culture
    Your employees should be hired not only for their skills, but for how well they fit in with your company’s culture. Emotional, intellectual and communication skills should all factor into every hire. Developing a team in which individuals share a common vision will lead to an organization that is greater than the sum of its parts.

  4. Create a Pleasurable Atmosphere
    You’ll find that some of the most successful modern companies, such as Google and Facebook, allow employees to have a certain amount of fun time. This can be accomplished with a game room that includes a pool table, dart boards and other games.

  5. Inspire Interaction
    Every now and then it’s a good idea to remind your team to interact more. By encouraging them to introduce themselves to co-workers they don’t know, the team will grow stronger and company loyalty will increase.

An open-concept in the workplace influences workers to stay connected by creating a community atmosphere. One way to maximize team skills is to have each employee spend time in the customer service department to get to know co-workers and customers. Today’s entrepreneurship depends on team players that have the ability to build relationships, which is the key to long-term business success.

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Building Profitable and Meaningful Connections For Your Growing Business
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Building Profitable and Meaningful Connections For Your Growing Business
Small business organizations and enterprises need to work upon building profitable and meaning connections in their growing phase.

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