Business Transcription

Business Transcription can be defined as converting of audio files into verbatim transcripts for companies across industries i.e., for all types of businesses. Business meetings and interviews are very important as lots of things are discussed there. Transcribing every word can help you get a verbatim record of your seminars, conferences and meetings. It is also easy to share the transcribed text with others.

In today’s fast growing global market, every company needs to know what is happening in their industry on a day-to-day basis. Companies need to keep a tab on the new products / services being launched and new innovations happening in their industry. For instance, while a large multinational company has a conference call, a lot of important information and data is given out. It is extremely beneficial for relevant companies to download the audio from internet and get them transcribed and use it in their respective field.

Business Transcription services are exceedingly in demand in U.S.A. and this is principally due to the fact that seminars and important business meetings and audio files in businesses frequently need to be converted into text format for future reference and record purposes.

Business Transcription covers almost all fields, right from health care, insurance, airlines to automobiles industry. Other than business meetings, transcribing of conference calls, analyst calls, seminar, budget-planning sessions, sales meeting and all other business conversations are among the scope of business transcription. It is about transcribing conference calls with maximum accuracy and high security for confidential purpose.

Business transcription plays a significant role especially on businesses registered in the stock market. Every company, which is being registered with stock market (NASDAQ, NYSE etc.) has to comply by the condition of conducting every quarterly meeting on their business, hence updating their level and performance of business to their investors, and the people involved in their business. While this meeting takes place, the meeting coordinator captures the meeting, records it as an audio file, and sends it for transcribing. The transcriber in turn listens to the audio file, transcribes it and sends it back to the client as a text format.

Transcribing recordings of business meetings, conferences, seminars, focus groups, police reports etc. is a time-consuming job. And the increasing popularity of electronic record transferring and record keeping gave way for business transcription to expand its horizons into outsourcing services. Apart from providing cost-effective solutions, it is projected as generating recession -proof opportunities and most importantly, encouraging the next generation workforce to explore the world of transcriptions.

As business transcription is a very challenging task, it requires exceptional execution skills. Outsourcing business transcription to professional companies will not only lessen the burden of the staff but also helps in getting consistent and accurate business transcripts on time.

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