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Celebrating International Translation Day

International Translation Day

First celebrated in 1953,  International Translation Day has always been a day of praising and cheering translators and their work all across the globe. International Translation Day falls on September 30 every year, which is the feast day of Saint Jerome. St. Jerome is known for translating the Bible into Latin, and is looked upto as the patron saint of translators.

Why the World Celebrates International Translation Day
International Translation Day is a celebration for everyone linked with the translation community. It’s a day to acknowledge the work of translators, bloggers, publishers, writers, reviewers, students, librarians and booksellers who share a common platform to share their ideas, views, and strategies that have potential for professional and industry growth. On this day, the International Federation of Translators’ (FIT) organizes various events like, seminars, debates, workshops, and conferences to discuss the challenges and future of the translation industry.

The International Translation Day 2015
With only a few hours remaining in the International Translation Day 2015, the preparations are on the last stage. The theme of this year’s event is “The Changing Face of Translation and Interpreting”, which has been chosen by the International Federation of Translators. This theme welcomes the changing trends and the need of new innovations in the translation industry, more on a bi-cultural concept. An official post by FIT brings more light to the latest changes, trends, and the face of translation and interpretation in the future.

On  International Translation Day 2015, various events have been lined up, which everyone is looking forward to. Some of these include:

• British Library Panel Discussion
• Virtual Conference
Literary Translation Discussion
International Translation Day Happy Hours by The Colorado Translators Association

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Celebrating International Translation Day
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Celebrating International Translation Day
GMR Transcription wishes Happy International Translation Day to all translators and everyone linked with the translation community.

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