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9 Content Creation Tips for Events to Drive Engagement and Lasting Value

The goal of every content creator is to come up with attractive content that has a lasting impact in the minds of an event’s participants and followers. It should also add value to the business through better engagement on the social media channels and by successfully tapping into a well-defined target market. The other aspect is to create content that is easy to digest and share. Here are tips to help you design memorable content for events.

Craft Meaningful Content

In order to attract attendees to an event, you must be able to summarize what the event is about in a concise way. You must capture people’s imagination and let them know why it’s worth their time to attend the event as a sponsor, investor or consumer. 

Let Content Determine Event Packaging

The packaging of the event should be shaped by the event’s content. If the event is online like a webinar, then the packaging should be internet-oriented, such as sending email invitations. 

Understand the Audience

Event planners need to understand the audience’s interest in the event so that they can deliver what attendees are looking for. Planners should begin with the premise that the content is about the audience. The more you can connect the audience with the content, the easier it will be to convince them to share the content with friends. 

Make Content Easy To Share

The content you create to promote your event should be easy to share in the sense that it reflects the interests of your target audience and there’s something about it that’s interesting or exciting. On one hand it should reflect a niche and on the other it should be inviting for everyone. 

Design Content for Universal Consumption

Creating content beyond your target audience helps you broaden your market. It you only talk to people already interested in your products, it’s difficult to inspire new followers. That’s why it helps to relate your brand to existing popular trends that anyone can relate to. The more you can embed universal themes in your brand, the more you can build brand awareness even outside your target market.

Create Compelling Infographics

One of the most popular items to share on social media is the infographic. There are plenty of sites that provide tools to lay text over a graphic, which allows readers to pick up information quickly. Colorful pictures and interesting quotes stand out as unique in a social media news feed. 

Use Video to Enhance Presentation

Video is one of the most powerful forms of communication you can use to enhance your website content. It brings characters to life and helps create a more personalized experience for the viewer. One way to maximize a company video is to use a neutral background and avoid talking about specific events. The video will have a more timeless appeal if it includes testimonials about how people came to trust the brand over time. 

Share Video Transcription

It’s important to share useful information in a video so that viewers will want to share the information. Offering a video transcription helps create more engagement since the text can be used for quotes and answers to questions. The transcription also allows Google to index the text, which can potentially increase organic traffic. 

Create Brief Summary Videos

You can create curiosity for an event by making a short video that includes a few main points by speakers. Using 30 second clips for each speaker can be enough to give viewers a good idea what the event is about. Don’t worry about making elaborate commercials, just provide a taste of the atmosphere you wish to create at the event. 

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9 Content Creation Tips for Events to Drive Engagement and Lasting Value
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9 Content Creation Tips for Events to Drive Engagement and Lasting Value
Every content creator aims to create memorable content for events that inspires multiple comments on social media. Here are 9 tips that every content designer will find very useful.

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