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Content Marketing: Get the Best Returns with Transcription

Content Marketing Get the Best Returns with Transcription

By now you’ve certainly heard the phrase content is king, and if you have any type of business where you use the web or social media sites like Facebook to reach new customers and communicate with existing ones, you likely already know this is true.

However, there’s a little bit more to content marketing than you might think, and one interesting new development many business owners are playing with is the idea of using transcription services for producing high-quality, readable content.

Keep reading to learn more about how content marketing and transcription services can go hand in hand for your business. You might just get a leg up on the competition and make the whole process of content creation and marketing a whole lot easier.

Transcription Helps You Preserve Your Time to Run Your Business

One of the biggest things that using a transcription service for content marketing is changing the process. For many business owners, actually sitting there and typing out the content in a method that is SEO appropriate can be very difficult. Even once you understand how SEO works it can take all day to create a blog post, and then you’ve still got a business to run.

When you use transcription as part of your content marketing plan you can simply record audio of yourself talking about your particular topic and touch on key points that you will want in your text. You can even include instructions about how the text should be formatted and ideas should be separated while you are talking about the post.

Once that’s done a transcription service will be able to turn your words into text. From there you’ll have a great blog post that you created in just a few minutes instead of taking all day long!

Transcription Frees Your Time to Do Regular Updates

When you use transcription to make your blog posts and social media updates you’ll also have the ability to do frequent updates for your followers. This is a huge part of any sort of social media content marketing, and you won’t get your message across without it.

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Content Marketing: Get the Best Returns with Transcription
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Content Marketing: Get the Best Returns with Transcription
Content marketing is getting a leg up with transcription services. You just need to give proper instructions for the type of content to transcribers.

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