Controlling Your Computer With Your Fingertip

Whether you’re at home with the kids or stuck in the office, it’s almost impossible to go a day without using a computer for something. The problem with this is that using the cursor on a standard PC requires the use of every muscle from your index finger to your deltoids. Those who suffer from Internet addiction are at an increased risk of developing musculoskeletal problems like ligament damage, carpal tunnel and arthritis.

Fortunately, advances in modern technology will have afforded avid computer enthusiasts a reprieve from the pain associated with their addictive habits within the next six months. This reprieve will come in the form a motion controller which allows users to surf the web and open documents with a simple wave of the finger.

For many years, Hollywood has suggested that futuristic worlds would be governed by computer screens which could be manipulated by touch, rather than the click of a mouse. The scary thing is how rapidly the future is becoming a reality. While the computer screens of today may not hover in mid-air as portrayed in the movies, we are approaching that ideal rather quickly. The Leap Motion Controller allows users to click, double click and scroll through computer screens simply by waving their finger through the air.

Everyone wants a magic wand… why not a magic digit?

For years, there has been a wedge between man and technology, one that began to disappear with touch screens. The Leap Motion Controller will be an enormous facilitator of harmony between man and machine by effectively eliminating the operational geography between them. When someone can cause an action to occur without physically touching anything, they effectively become a part of the technology, and their relationship is more harmonious.

The Leap Motion Controller will be available for both Windows and Mac.

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Computer Control At Your Fingertips
A day without using computer is impossible. Here find some tips to controll your computer with your fingertips.

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