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Finding Your Focus: Who is Your Audience?

It’s happened: The media has taken over. From the prestigious reputation of various news networks to the sometimes faulty ones of the local gossip blog, it would be a vast understatement to say that we as a people are constantly being bombarded by different types of messages in the media. It is because of this staggering development that one question has come to light in the minds of many a businessman: How are we supposed to effectively get our message out there despite the clutter? Simple. You have to first identify your ideal audience.

One common misconception made by most businesses is that all that really matters is getting your message out there whether it be through paid advertisements through various media or other social media postings. However, there comes a time when one realizes that there is really no point in how many people see the message if the message isn’t relevant to them. For example, do you think an advertisement for shampoo and conditioner would appeal to someone who is bald? Would you advertise your new line of arthritic medication and ointments over Facebook when in reality, the audiences that you’re gearing towards barely even know how to use a computer?

The first question you should ask yourself is: Who is my audience? Reference the examples above. You need to make sure you identify your customers and stakeholders appropriately. This is the easiest part of the process.

The second question is: What is the most effective way to reach them? Like stated above, you wouldn’t try to market a product geared towards an older crowd over a new form of technology such as Facebook or Twitter. Instead, you may consider using television or radio.

The third question is: When is the best time to reach them? Some prime examples of this aspect are those outreach techniques used by many online or adult- oriented bachelors programs offered by colleges. Most of these advertisements are shown on basic cable during the middle of a weekday to target those adults who are at home like stay- at- home moms or those that are unemployed.

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