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Foods You Should Avoid While Working

You work hard, and your body needs fuel to keep your mind sharp and make it through the day. In a perfect world, you’d have time to eat a nutritious breakfast, a healthy lunch and a sensible dinner. But you don’t live in a perfect world. You live in a world full of deadlines and meetings and an endless barrage of emails that need to be addressed.

So you eat what you can, when you can. Unfortunately, what you eat is probably not all that healthy and might even be causing you to feel more lethargic than energetic. With that in mind, here are five foods you should absolutely avoid eating at work:

Energy drinks
You may be tempted to start your day by filling your body with a rush of sugar and caffeine, and it may even give you a little boost for about an hour. But after that, the energy rush wears off and you’ll likely be left more lethargic than when you first cracked open the can.

Sugar and white flour, the two primary ingredients in doughnuts, are energy drains. Doughnuts are full of carbohydrates, which boost your blood sugar, causing your body to stop producing the hormone that keeps you alert, orexin.

Potato chips
Potato chips have almost no nutritional value, they’re high in carbohydrates and they’ll make your fingers greasy, which can wreak havoc on your work station. They also result in a loud crunching sound, which your colleagues may not appreciate.

Burger and French fries
Grabbing a quick hamburger and some French fries between meetings might be convenient, but it’s also a meal loaded with poly-unsaturated fat. In case you’re wondering, that’s the “bad fat,” so not only will it boost your cholesterol levels, studies have shown that high-fat foods result in nearly immediate fatigue.

At first glance, rice seems healthy (especially the brown varieties). But a closer look reveals a major problem with this low-calorie snack: It has no iron. Iron fights off anemia, which is one of the primary causes of fatigue. Replace rice with high-iron vegetables and you’ll feel better.

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