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Funny Translations of Spanish Phrases

Funny Spanish Translation Phrases

Translation can be a tricky affair. This is in the sense that one may be tempted to carry the literal meaning direct from translating word by word. This has been experienced in the translation of phrases from Spanish to English. Just like most languages and cultures, Spanish has its own slang, proverbs and idioms whose meaning is only understood in contextual sense. Trying to break down the words into individual pieces totally distorts the information in the whole phrase making it both funny and embarrassing at times.

Examples of translations from Spanish that can raise eyebrows come especially with sayings that are better understood in the native language. Take for example ‘no das ni con bola’, translating this statement word for word will be funny, as when translated this statement will come out to be ‘you do not give neither with ball’, and this cannot be understood as it is. Whereas the correct translation would have been explained as the fact of being unable to do anything in the correct way. This is a perfect example of how wrong it is to translate words from one language to another directly. The meaning is easily lost and becomes misplaced. It is easy to lose the meaning of a phrase or statement in the process of translation, and as such one should be keen when they are translating to avoid misleading the readers or listeners.

The other disadvantage that comes with direct translation is the fact that the whole sentence will be grammatically out of kin. It does not just end with sounding badly. It is thus crucial that any translator seeking to be reliable should focus on avoiding these mistakes of word for word translation. It will help if they come up with strategies of remaining fluent without breaking down the meaning of a phrase as they translate.

There are some methods that have been tried by translators and found to work perfectly. This includes the familiarization with the phrases of the language of translation, in this case Spanish. This is easily achieved through mastery of commonly used phrases and slang. Understanding their meanings in their language of origin will help a translator avoid literal meaning translations which could be untrue or false. It is better that the meaning of the entire phrase be translated rather than translating part word for word. This way you are guaranteed that the meaning will remain intact.

It does not matter whether you are translating in written or spoken form. Direct translation results to misguided and funny phrases that have no real meaning. It will be very helpful to know the Spanish translations of common name, places, work places and any other relevant areas. This way as a translator, you are sure to keep off funny interpretations and this guarantees your credibility and fluency.

If you want to be always ahead you should maximize on the grasping of funny sayings in Spanish which are found all over the internet. There are some occasions like birthdays, holidays and even slogans that have specific phrases attached to them. As a translator, grasping such commonly issued phrase ensures that you avoid direct translation that results to funny interpretations and alterations of meanings. Improve your translation skills using easy steps.

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Spanish Translation - How Funny !
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Spanish Translation - How Funny !
Here come to know when Spanish phrases are translated how funny it sounds. Also come to know about other disadvantages of direct translation.

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