How to Get Case Studies from Your Clients

Creating case studies can provide a business with a wealth of information; the problem is how to get a client to take the time to share their story without making them feel rushed or taking up too much of their valuable time. The solution is recording the interviews and using dictation to collect the information. Once the information is in your hand, you can convert it into a written format with the help of transcription services: however, don’t forget to take prior approval from your client first.

Satisfied Customers

Always choose your happiest, most satisfied customers. They are eager to tell their stories and will offer an abundance of information that you can use to create a thorough case study. Recording their statements allows them to share their story without taking a huge chunk of time out of their busy day. A satisfied customer will offer their story willingly and be ready to stand behind their statements.

Ask Clients For Feedback Immediately After a Good Review

The best time to ask clients for feedback is immediately after you have received a good review from them. When a customer is satisfied with your performance, they will be prepared to share their story, telling everyone how happy they are with your work. If you have proven yourself to be a valuable asset to them, they will be more than willing to give you the type of interview or testimonial you need with the experience fresh in their memory.

Benefits Both Parties

It’s important to emphasize to your clients that sharing their story will benefit both of you equally. While you get to use their story as a boost for your marketing, they will get their name out there as someone who was pleased with what you had to offer. You get a good review and they get free advertising. It’s a win/win situation for both sides.

Keep It Fast and Efficient

Keep it fast and make every minute count. By recording their responses or dictating their answers, all they have to do is answer a few pre-determined questions. By doing so, the process will go quickly and efficiently. Once you have the information you need, you can finish the rest at your home or office. Remember that your client’s time is of the utmost importance. You both have a schedule to keep so stay on track. Ask your questions and then create a case study that will benefit everyone involved.

Getting the information you need from the clients you serve is easy if you know how to maximize the potential of the tools at your disposal. All you have to do is arrange a meeting time with your client and give them the opportunity to tell you their story. Then, return home and transcribe it into a series of case studies that you can return to again and again when needed.

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How to Get Case Studies from Your Clients
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How to Get Case Studies from Your Clients
A satisfied customer will offer their story willingly and be ready to stand behind their statements.

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