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How Effective Is Podcast Captioning

Why to Transcrib Podcast

Podcast captioning is the act of recording files in digital forms, which includes audio, video files and photographs. They also include illustrations that further explain the podcast to the viewers, and can be directly streamed from the Internet. Overall, podcast captioning can be very effective for both online marketing and podcast appeal purposes, and are generally the most professional when done by transcription services professionals.

First, podcast captioning – or podcast subtitling – can add a completely new dimension to the podcast itself. By adding text that supplements the video, you can give viewers a more well-rounded experience and add information to help frame the content. Additionally, if you think of something you want to add to the podcast later but don’t want to go back and edit the entire thing, you can simply add captions/subtitles and elaborate more on the topic being discussed.

Secondly, podcast captioning is a great way to give the users links and contact information for your business. If you include a clickable link in the podcast caption, you are making your landing page just one simple click away. It is also preferred because you are giving them your call to action and contact details when they are watching the podcast and in the moment. This makes them more inclined to look more into your business, as they are watching the content right then and there. If you wait, however, it is more likely that they will either forget or move on to something else; after all, the Internet is constantly being bombarded with new information and attention spans are short.

Thirdly, podcast captioning can be a great way to conduct a lesson online. If, for example, you are including images or drawings and want to pick out the intricacies in each, you can add a podcast transcription to further elaborate on the material. It’s all about giving users the best experience possible, and by fulfilling all avenues you are on your way to creating an idea viewing format for them.

You can also have podcast transcription done to supplement the podcast with the written text of what’s being said in it. By seeking services of a professional transcription company, you can send them the audio and/or video files, have that transcribed and then take the written text and put it next to your podcast. That way people can follow along to what is being said and better understand the material. They are also more likely to go back to the text, especially via the ‘Ctl/Cmmd + F’ find function, to go back and review interesting material they saw/heard in the podcast.

Moreover, having a written podcast transcription also enhances your podcasts eventual viewership. You might both intentionally and unintentionally include keywords in the podcast, all of which are the crux of online marketing and search engine optimization. By purposefully including keywords in your podcast and then including atranscript next to it, you are also beefing up your SEO campaign and having your podcast play a dual role: education and marketing. This is one of the reasons transcribing podcasts, and all videos for that matter, is a great tool that many businesses are starting to pick up on.

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Why to Caption a Podcast ?
Captioning plays a major role in making your podcast and video effective. Here find reasons how and why to add captions to your podcasts.

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