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How Important is Proofreading in Transcription

Importance of Proofreading Service

Every profession needs to keep a record of their core activities for future reference purpose. Business houses have different meetings, interviews and conferences; medical professional have plenty of clinical notes, investigations and medical histories of patients; legal experts need to keep record of different court documents and proceedings so that these documents can be referred back when need arises. Earlier this record keeping was done manually and it was a cumbersome exercise, requiring lot of time and energy. Internet offers great help in achieving this objective.

Transcription is the art of converting voice files into text document. Business, medical and legal professionals prefer transcribed documents which save them lot of time, money and energy. They just outsource their voice files to reputed transcription service providers who have a team of skilled and experienced transcriptionists to undertake this job. Every document needs proofreading after it is transcribed to ensure accuracy of content, grammar and punctuation etc. Accuracy is vital in transcription business and, therefore, proofreading is very important part of transcription.

Proofreading is checking and rectifying the mistakes of a transcribed document. The most common errors a transcriptionist is likely to commit are omitting important dictated words, selection of wrong word, misspelling the words, typing and grammatical errors and errors of punctuation’s. Proofreading is a skill which improves with practice. A proofreader can improve upon his/her weakness by constant practice. Sometimes the words and phrases are confusing or they sound something other than what they really are. A competent proofreader has to achieve good command over. English vocabulary and grammar that can be achieved by referring to different dictionaries and taking frequent lessons in the required branch of transcription such as medical and legal transcriptions.

Success of transcription business solely depends on accuracy of the transcribed document in which proofreading plays a vital role.

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Importance of Proofreading in Transcription and Translation Services
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Importance of Proofreading in Transcription and Translation Services
A Transcription company needs to have a good proofreaders eye. For more such importance of proofreading in transcription visit blog.

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