How to Choose the right Shower Head

Shower heads are overhead perforated nozzles through which water is sprayed or sprinkled on the body for the purposes of bathing. They come in various types, shapes, sizes, degrees of sophistication, and varieties, so much so that it is often daunting to the ordinary user to identify the right one.

The proceeding discourse endeavors to highlight and explain in details the various factors to consider while selecting the right shower head.

Shower Head Types

Shower heads fall into several categories each with its unique way of delivering water. These are: single-head spray shower head which comprises four or more individual nozzles which distribute the water in a specific pattern; rain showers that are fixed directly above the users and sprinkle the water in the form of rain straight downwards; dual and multiple shower heads which are basically several showerheads that are controlled by one handle; hand -held shower heads which are basically single shower heads that are fixed onto a flexible hose; and body sprays which are basically multiple spray heads that are all integrated onto the shower wall, respectively.

Shower Head Finishes

The surfaces of these equipment are completed using several patterns, colors, and materials such as polished chrome, polished nickel, brushed chrome, hammered nickel, brushed nickel, stainless steel, brushed bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, bronze, and black and white, to mention but a few!

Shower Head Valves

Valves are the components that regulate the pressure, volume, and temperature of the water. They come in various types which have varying degrees of efficacy insofar as the execution of their mandates is concerned. These include: mixing valve which has the ability to mix cold and hot water; pressure-balancing valve that has the ability to stabilize the water temperatures by regulating the pressure of the cold and hot water inflows; anti-scald pressure-balance valve; and the thermostatic valve which has the dual abilities to regulate both pressure and temperature of water.

Water Consumption

It is the volume of water that the shower heads may accommodate and transmit per unit time. It is denoted in grams per minute. The ideal shower head must have several adjustable settings through which this parameter may be adjusted to suit the unique water needs for any given bathing session. That’s because the amount of water needed for showering varies significantly from time to time with the summers experiencing the highest consumption.

Water Pressure

This refers to the amount of force that is produced by the water. It is largely determined by the size of the hose pipes that channel water and by the unique settings that the shower heads may have. The higher the water pressure, the better the shower head, since the amount of water to be consumed for any bathing session reduces significantly.


It is quite clear from the foregoing discourse that the task of identifying the right shower head may be pretty intricate to the average user since it entails the incorporation of so many factors. It is thus a task that is ideally delegated onto a professional hardware or construction firm.

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