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How to Transcribe with Dragon Dictate 3 App

Have you ever wanted to use a program to record your voice, where all you have to do is speak to a digital device? This could be useful for anyone who keeps memos on the go, such as business owners. It could also be useful to journalists and other transcriptionists.

What is Dragon Dictate 3?
Dragon Dictate 3, a Mac program that allows you to keep a voice log of all your thoughts. All you have to do is speak to it and it will log your voice as text in a separate file.

How Does Dragon Dictate Work?

Dragon Dictate 3 allows you to use keywords, such as comma, period or semi-colon, to place the appropriate punctuation mark when making your transcription. This will produce a text file with all of the appropriate punctuation, as long as the user knows how to punctuate their speech.

Dragon Dictate will also allow you to keep a voice log of all of your files. You might choose to use professional transcription services on your file later. If you use this feature, you will be able to send them just the audio log for a perfect transcription.

Why Is Voice Better?

When you use your voice, all you have to do is speak naturally into the phone to organize your thoughts, which allows you to record important pieces of information faster than by hand.

For business owners and transcriptionists, this allows them to produce a transcription service between two people as well; although, it may be difficult to punctuate the speech accordingly between two people, since the program does not automatically punctuate for you.

Not only can you use it to record interviews and business meetings, you can use Dragon Dictate 3 to provide on-the-go transcription. If you are driving from an important meeting and you didn’t record the service, you will be able to drive and speak directly to your digital recorder or iPhone and record important thoughts.

Other Ways to Use Voice Files

You may find that you wish to use professional transcription services. This can be important if you work for a law firm or corporation. By using a professional service, you will get the highest quality output from your audio files. Use a professional when accuracy is a premium for you and not a luxury.


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