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How Transcription Meets Post Production Challenges of a Video

How Transcription Meets Post Production Challenges of a Video

Video editors face a number of challenges in the post-production stage of video recording. In this stage, various color correction, special effects and music are added to the footage to bring the video to life. Sometimes, video editors are required to provide as-produced or as-shot scripts to accompany a project. This is where video transcription companies can help.

Transcription companies have trained and qualified specialists that can complete a variety of post-production work. Some of the work transcriptionists can complete include B-roll logging, meta data lists, closed captioning, film & TV continuity lists, dialogue lists and as-broadcast scripts.

When transcribing video files, transcriptionists can produce scripts in the form they will be telecast or shown. The scripts can include act breaks, speaker identifications, accurate word dialogue, continuity, scene breakdowns and descriptions. If a film or video is long, the scripting can be a complex task that may take a number of pages representing different scenes.

But it’s not just about transcribing audio files. Sometimes, the files the video editor may have may not be compatible with the devices or browsers where the final content will be viewed. In this case, transcription companies can encode the files and save the video editor precious time. Encoding is the process of converting a file from one format to another. The service can be used for closed captioning and web applications.

In most cases, encoding is meant to compress a file so that it can be easily viewed. Whether you have proprietary source format, DVD or raw camera footage that you’ll like to be converted for web usage, transcription services provider can help you with the task.

To make it easier for post-production video editors to quickly locate parts that need to be edited or listen to specific conversation in the media file, transcription companies time-code production scripts. The codes are usually indicated when a speaker changes and may occasionally be placed within a speaker’s talk. The time stamps help to match the transcribed text with a specific scene. As a result, video editors can easily locate the segments they want during the post-production stage.

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How Transcription Meets Post Production Challenges of a Video
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How Transcription Meets Post Production Challenges of a Video
Learn how video transcription companies help meet the post production challenges of a video.
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