Importance of Transcribing Tools

In the transcription industry, the tools of the trade are as important as in any other. Just like the right equipment can give one athlete an advantage over another, similarly the right tools in transcription can help you improve the speed, accuracy and overall quality of your work.

Let’s have a look at these transcribing tools on a very basic level and see how important they are to your job. A recording device may be used to hand over the information that needs to be transcribed. It will contain an audio or video file that will need to be transferred to your computer before you begin your work. Alternatively, the digital file may be sent over the internet from where you will need to download it.

Once you have access to the file with the information, you will need a set up to work from. This may be a personal computer or a laptop. Today digital tablets are also becoming at option, however they lack the convenience of a keyboard.

Your computer will need to have at least two kinds of software for your work. The first kind of software needs to be able to recognize and playback the audio/video file that has been given to you. VLC is one example of such software. You will need to be able to pause, rewind and forward a lot, so make sure it is easy to use. Secondly, you will need word processing software so that you can type what you hear. Microsoft Word is an example that is commonly used around the world as a word processor.

It is important to invest in a good headset. Sometimes they files may have a lot of noise or may be difficult to decipher. In such cases a headset with noise cancellation capabilities will be of great use.
You may be able to indulge in more advanced tools as time goes by, but these basic tools are very important in the transcription industry. The quality of your tools will define the quality of your work, so identify the tools you need and don’t compromise.

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Transcribing Tools and Their Importance
Herewith some common transcribing tool and find how they are useful for your job.

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