Learner’s Spotlight: Visual Learning

Being a full- time student is no easy feat. Along with the plethora of different assignments that are thrown at you at any given moment, there are the seemingly endless amounts of information you are given to digest. The initial question is common: How am I ever supposed to take in everything effectively? The answer is simple: study! But after you’ve answered that fateful question, another one springs up in its place: How should I study? There are many different learning styles that cater to a multitude of different educational needs. The different learning styles are Visual, Logical, Verbal, Physical and Aural. Let’s take a look at Visual Learning and the different study methods used to optimize the user’s overall learning potential.

Visual learners retain the most information when it is presented to them in a written format or by visual charts and diagrams. The reason for this is that these methods present the information in a clear and concise manner that optimizes the key section of the brain that makes visual learners the way they are. Also, Visual learners tend to store the information and remember it better when they can clearly make out a picture of it in their mind. The most effective study methods for visual learners often revolve around using flashcards, diagrams and even videos.

So what are some effective study tips for learners of the visual variety?

1. When taking notes in class, try laying out all the information in an organized manner by using columns or even drawing out diagrams.

2. Extenuate the most important information by using highlighters or writing it differently. This will make these bits of information stick out more in your mind when you go back and try to remember.

3. When making flashcards, limit the amount of words; rather, use a few keywords that will trigger an image of the term in your head.

4. Study in a place that is free from visual distractions as to optimize your full visual learning and retention potential.

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