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Hi, everyone. My name is Kris and I’m a transcriptionist with GMR. I have been transcribing as an independent contractor for almost six years now. I am mom to a special needs child (well, young man now, as he recently turned 18), which created a lot of difficulties in working for a traditional outside business. My husband is unable to help out when there are difficulties at home because his job keeps him away from home for weeks at a time.

I had previously worked as an administrative assistant, an office manager and an in-house transcriptionist. One day I came across an employment ad for a freelance transcriptionist and that lit the spark to search out more opportunities to enable me to work from home. Six moths later, with the support and cooperation of my family, I made the decision to resign from my outside employment and become an independent contractor. Two years later, in search of a more consistent workload, I came across GMR Transcription and the rest is history. Working from home and setting my own schedule has turned out to be such a blessing. When my child or my elderly parents need assistance, I am able to meet their needs while still having a sense of pride and accomplishment from my work. What I love about transcribing is that it is never dull or repetitive. The subject matter is always changing. Every day is something fresh and new, and I always look forward to my next assignment.

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