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Plus Points of Hiring a Local Transcription Company

While there are thousands of transcription companies around the world to choose from, hiring a local transcription company has strong advantages. Whether it’s for academic research, media outsourcing, interviews, dictation, legal or medical documentation, working with transcriptionists in your own region simply leads to a stronger business relationship for the following reasons:

Better Business Relations
By working with a local transcription services provider, you have the opportunity to meet with transcriptionists face to face which strengthens business relationships. There’s a big difference between people who know each other personally and people who have only communicated through phone or the internet. Knowing transcriptionists personally can help build trust and reliability, which you may need in an emergency.

No Language Barrier
Not only will a local transcription company know your native language, they will have a better understanding of regional nuances that overseas workers might not understand. Knowing the cultural background and contexts of language is essential for transcriptionists to interpret audio and video recordings. Overseas transcription services run the risk of taking more time to correct their own mistakes on misinterpretations.

Faster Payment Processing
Local companies are more likely to process orders faster since their niche is based on serving clients within their communities. Global companies on the other hand, don’t necessarily prioritize work based on geographic location, as they may view clients as statistics. Working with a local company also means they will already be dealing with your currency, allowing for faster payment processing.

Promotes Local Businesses
Keeping money within a community is helpful to a local economy. Outsourcing overseas might be cheaper, but it can also hurt the quality of the work, which can affect your reputation. By working with a local company, you can recommend them to other businesses. Word of mouth support further helps to “keep it local.”

You will likely encounter better quality from transcription services in your own city than services from another country. Local companies have a vested interest in building relationships with local clients. Communication is the key to this industry and it helps when transcriptionists already understand your language.

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Plus Points of Hiring a Local Transcription Company
Learn what are the plus points of hiring a local transcription services provider? Check out the main reasons and benefits!

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