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Preferred Posture and Tone of Voice for an Interview

Body Posture and Voice Tone

Actions speak louder than words…about 93% louder, actually. When you go in for an interview, what you convey verbally accounts for 7% of what the recruiter needs to make an informed decision. The other 93% is how you say it and whether or not your body language is supporting it. Here are some things to keep in mind while in your next interview.

First Impressions

When you meet your recruiter, extend your arm for a handshake while maintaining eye contact. Ensure that the shake is firm but not too firm. Many recruiters will try to give you the impression that you have not met their expectations within the first fifteen seconds by either dropping their eyes or pretending to be unprepared for the interview. You may be tempted to use light humor. Don’t. It’s a sign of nervousness and it will be marked against you. Instead, wait patiently for the recruiter to pull his act together.

Be Seated

Another tension tactic used by recruiters is isolating the candidate with a chair in the middle of the room. When you first sit down, do so sit up straight with your back against the backrest and lean forward about 10 degrees. Your legs should be straight down with your feet aligned squarely with your shoulders. Cross your hands over your thighs, unless you have a pen and notebook. If you do have a pen and notebook, the notebook should rest on your thighs, one hand on the notebook, the other holding pen, ready to jot down notes.


The tone of your voice can tell recruiters that you lack confidence or even denote lying. It can also tell them that you’re confident without being cocky. A high pitch in response to a straight authoritative question indicates a lack of confidence. The same can be indicated with monotone response to an animated question. Watch your recruiter as closely as he is watching you. Match his body language with yours. Discrepancies in this regard may indicate a lack of compatibility between you and your recruiter.

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Proper Body Language : A Key to Successful Interview
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Proper Body Language : A Key to Successful Interview
Going for interview? Here are some tips to improve your body gesture and tone of voice that you need to focus while going for an interview.

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