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Protect Your Information with Professional Translation Services

As much as everyone takes for granted that confidential information is safe on the web, it’s still important to be aware of how hackers can tap into popular websites. Even multinational corporations like Sony Pictures have been attacked in recent years. But it’s not just hackers that might jeopardize your online privacy.

You should also be aware that certain websites grant themselves permission in their terms of service (that you agreed to!) to use information you post through their platforms however they choose.

Using Google Translate
If you use Google Translate for language translations, you should understand that the text you enter on the platform may not be treated in a confidential manner. In fact, buried in Google’s Terms of Service is language that suggests that you are giving the site and its partners a worldwide license to use the content in multiple ways. That means they can store, modify and distribute the information if they choose. Obviously, there are better, more private solutions for translation services.

Crowd-Sourced Translation Services
Turning to crowd-sourced translation, this service gives you slightly more control, but it still does not guarantee confidentiality. You are essentially allowing hundreds of people to have access to files. That may work fine for a school project or something that doesn’t require confidentiality, but law firms, for example, need to be careful with whom they work with for translation services. Hence, try avoiding this solution if you’re dealing with confidential legal business documents.

Machine Translation Software
Purchasing machine translation software that stays on your computer is a better solution for protecting privacy. For ultimate protection, make sure it doesn’t connect with a larger database. An offline computer is an even safer way to protect your data.

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Professional Translation Services
The absolute best method for keeping translations private is to hire a company that offers professional translation services. These companies understand your need to keep sensitive information private, so they train personnel and have them sign non-disclosure agreements with clients.

For maximum security, choose a company that does not outsource work overseas and use a secure communication method instead of email for submitting files. Look for an experienced company with a trusted reputation, as a company like this ensures confidentiality for all its clients.

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Protect Your Information with Professional Translation Services
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Protect Your Information with Professional Translation Services
Learn why you should prefer professional translation services over automation and other free translation service providers.
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