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6 Qualities That Set a Professional Transcription Services Provider Apart

Transcription is an in-demand profession that offers multiple perks that most people would want in a career. Flexible working arrangements and good remuneration are some of the benefits of working as a transcriptionist.

If you would like to get started or are already running a transcription business, there are various qualities you should have to stand out from the competition. Here are the top six qualities of the best transcription services providers:

Speed and Accuracy

Transcription jobs typically require fast turnaround delivery. Sometimes, clients would want their files transcribed within hours. Therefore, you need to have fast typing speeds and also be accurate. Great transcriptionists have excellent language skills, can decipher colloquial accents and understand grammatical and punctuation errors.

Excellent Research Skills

To produce outstanding transcripts, you need excellent research skills. Some clients may provide audio clips that are inaudible. Sometimes, technical jargon may have been used improperly or mispronounced.

Understanding the basic terminologies of the industry and quickly researching the topic will help you to minimize indiscernible gaps and ensure your final transcript accurately captures the verbatim.

Proper Punctuation

To produce quality work, you should understand grammar punctuation rules. The way you punctuate your transcript can affect how it is interpreted when read. As a transcriber, you have to type everything that you hear and in verbatim. One incorrectly placed punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence.

Understanding the context of the verbatim will help you know the correct punctuation to use.

Good Listening Skills

Transcription jobs can be challenging. Accents and indiscernible words are among the challenges you will face on a daily basis. However, clients would still expect a perfect transcript. Therefore, strive for no “indiscernible” in your transcript.

Before you use “indiscernible” parenthetical, isolate the channel of the speaker and listen to the section of the audio file multiple times. Having the right equipment, such as a good pair of transcription headphones can improve your listening skills.


Whether you are working on your own or with a transcription company, you will need to be self-disciplined and motivated. For many people, the prospect of being their own boss is what attracts them to go into transcription. However, what they quickly learn is that being your own boss comes with consequences. Instead of working any time you want, you may be working all the time. It is not uncommon for transcriptionists to pull all-nighters when urgent projects have to be finished.

To overcome the challenges of transcription, you have to be self-motivated. No matter the weather, the job will have to be done if you are to stand out in the industry.

Commitment and Confidentiality

Keeping your clients’ data confidential and secure is important in the transcription industry. The way you handle your clients’ content can have legal repercussions. For example, legal and medical transcribers have to abide by strict privacy rules when transcribing content to protect both themselves and their clients.

The above are six important qualities you should have to stand out from the crowd of transcription services providers.

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6 Qualities That Set a Professional Transcription Services Provider Apart
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6 Qualities That Set a Professional Transcription Services Provider Apart
Are you aspiring to be a professional transcriptionist and stand out from the rest? These are the 6 qualities that you must possess.

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