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5 Ways to Reduce Costs While Working from Home

Working from home can be pretty exciting, especially for people who have their whole work history in an office or retail environment. However, when you work from home, you start to absorb a lot of costs for things your employer paid for, like computers, printers, printing ink and other office supplies.

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While working from home can provide more luxuries and a happier life, you do need to make sure the costs don’t outweigh the benefits. Use this guide to help you cut down on expenses when you decide it’s time to finally make the move to work from home.

Protect IT Equipment
The IT equipment you use is part of your livelihood, so you need to protect it. One of the best things you can do is to buy warranties and protection plans for the products, which you use on a daily basis. Other than that, you should use surge protectors and always power down equipment to preserve it.

Save on Heating and Cooling Solutions
To be comfortable in your home, you probably heat and cool your whole house. That isn’t necessary, though! You might prefer installing HVAC systems, but that would be costly to purchase and maintain. Instead, install portable solutions to cool or heat your home when you work from home. You’ll save a lot of money by only heating and cooling your work room when needed.

Conserve Electricity
Look for effective ways to save on electricity bills. Switch off computers, printer, scanners, copiers, laptop adaptor and other heavy electronic equipment when not in use. Consider installing a power-saving lighting solution, which doesn’t consume too much electricity.

Save on Communication Expenses
Avoid spending time on phone calls or internet-based voice/video calls for a useless and unnecessary conversation with friends and family. If possible, always consider mailing for communicating with your clients and other concerned people. Subscribe to a cost-saving internet and calling plans.

Know Tax-Savings Benefits
If you work from home, you are eligible to claim several home office deductions and tax-saving benefits, which are not available to office going employees. These include property taxes, business expenses, asset maintenance, décor and other deductions for your space.

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5 Ways to Reduce Costs While Working from Home
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5 Ways to Reduce Costs While Working from Home
Work from home can be pretty exciting and comfortable. However, it can be costly and sometimes very expensive as well. Check out these 5 tips to reduce cost while working from home.

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