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Sermon Transcription: 7 Reasons Why It Matters

In today’s world, it is very important for sermons to be transcribed. Most people do not go online to find sermons. It is much more convenient to simply find a transcript of a sermon instead of a full sermon in audio or video format. Here are 7 reasons why sermon transcription is important for pastors and their followers.

  1. The Transcript Can Be Re-purposed
    For most of the sermon transcripts, they can be re-purposed into multiple things, such as a blog post, a slideshow, or even a series of how-to articles. While a church is not a business, it can still use business principles.

  2. Focus on Family
    Transcribing a sermon can be a potential blessing for multiple families. Families face many challenges. Having a transcribed sermon available to read at any time of the day can provide families with the strength they need to overcome these challenges.

  3. Search Engines
    Regardless of whether sermons are recorded on audio or video, search engines are not designed to see video or hear audio. However, sermon transcription is a way to enhance your search engine optimization. That would help your sermon reach the widest possible audience.

  4. Greater Security and Accuracy
    With a sermon transcription, foreign speakers will not possess the same contextual understanding of the English language in regards to Bible verse accuracy and double meanings.

  5. Accessibility
    Sermon transcriptions offer greater accessibility. With so many people working from home, having the sermons accessible on a computer is perfect.

  6. The Potential For An E-Book
    Having the sermon transcribed could allow for the text to be formatted into an E-book. There are many different ways to format the E-book, such as having bold, italicized or colored text to point out Bible verses and lists. The font and layout is also customizable.

  7. Technology
    Sermon transcription will blend into this new age of technology. The text will help those who use e-book readers. Transcripts are also more portable than simply relying on an MP3 player. Plus, the transcripts will allow people to read the content from anywhere across the globe with their smartphone or tablet device.

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Article Name
Sermon Transcription: 7 Reasons Why It Matters
Transcribing sermons would allow you to read them any time of the day, and also keep it as a potential blessing for your family.

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