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Social Media and Business: What is your fit?

Social Media

We are now in the age of Social Networking. While some have projected this to be a “fad” of sorts, research and data have shown that it is anything but. In fact, social media has become more than just a tool for businesses. It has become an entirely new culture. Before, if a potential customer wanted to know more about a company, they would simply go to their website. But now, if a customer wants to learn more, one of the first thoughts to register is to see if they have a Facebook page. So this brings up the question: Is all social media good for businesses?

The answer: no. The fact of that matter is that while participating in this culture is a very smart business move, there are some social media platforms that may or may not be relevant or effective to a specific business. Let’s take a look at some of the leading social media platforms and who they would be useful too.

Facebook: This is pretty much useful to all businesses. Facebook has become arguably the biggest social media juggernaut in today’s world. As stated before, building a business Facebook page is almost a necessity at this point due to the large potential customer presence.

Twitter: This is also another incredibly useful tool. Try going on Twitter and finding a company that isn’t on there. It gives companies the ability to relate to their customers in real time and in a public forum.

Google+: While this social networking site isn’t as big as its cobalt blue bearing counterpart, it is proving to grow in various markets. The number of businesses who are signing up on it are growing every day and it has been proven to be effective.

Youtube: This has been shown to really only be beneficial to companies who know how to use it effectively. Many product companies use it to showcase their new products or services. Other businesses may use it to give insight into their workplace or even relate to their clientele on a different level.

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Social Media and Business: What is your fit?
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Social Media and Business: What is your fit?
Social Media has become on of the integral part of the corporate world. Read the article to know how to build your brand with the help of social media platforms.

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