Technical issues in transcription

Transcription is the production of a written version of material originally presented in spoken form. It records the actual events- every significant detail of a performance including the intensity and momentum of events in the order in which they occur. That’s why, a transcription is a kind of historical document, whose purpose is to record every detail of something that has already occurred really.

New technologies are introduced everyday and applied in the field of transcription. However, there may certain technical issues arise while transcribing a quality document. The process of transcription may disclose or obscure certain information.

  1. Digital, phone-in dictation-These are the replacement of hand-held tape recorders. A transcriptionist should have the capability to download audio files and voice mails for transcription. Digital hand-held devices are now available that record to a memory card and can generate audio files you can place on disc. Some exiting formats for digital audio files are WAV, MP3, WAV, VOX, DVF, MSV etc. New formats are coming all the time. Therefore, a  transcriptionist should be well- equipped and well- versed with new technologies to avoid technical problems.
  2. Format-Different kinds of layout formats are suggested based on the number of speakers and purpose of transcription. Print outs, electronic files on disc-word perfect, text files etc, and emailing files-various formats to choose from. If your equipment uses a particular audio format, then you have limited choices.
  3. Tape sizes-Normally, three sizes of tapes are available as micro, regular and executive. Other sizes like video tapes are also given for transcription. Transcription machines are available for different tape sizes. Longer tapes tend to jam easily while starting and stopping.
  4. Most popular recorder use a single track audio. Recording on the fastest speed produces higher quality dictation. Multiple track recorders, used in courtrooms provide superior transcripts. Transcribing on single track, double or multiple track requires professionals, otherwise arises technical issues.


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