The Pros and Cons of Google Voice’s Voicemail Transcription

Google Voice’s Voicemail Transcription is a service that transcribes voicemails to text and then uploads them to your Google Voice inbox. You can also have the transcriptions sent to you in a text message (SMS)or in an e-mail. There are various factors that affect the quality of the transcripts, including the caller’s voice/accent and any background noise that may spoil the clarity of the audio. These interferences can ultimately affect the transcript engine from transcribing your voicemail accurately, and there are many Google Voice flubs to prove it (just search for them online… some of them are pretty funny). When such a case occurs, the error message “Transcript Not Available” is displayed on the respective Google Voice webpage. (Or you get a transcript that might crack you up.)

Uses of the Audio Transcription Services
Virtually anybody from the US with a Google Voice account can use the transcription service. The service is mainly used if someone can’t be reached on their phones, so they get the transcripts on their Google Voice pages. You can use the service over all other Google applications, but only on web platforms and not on phones. However, you can opt to turn off this service on their Google Voice account dashboard if they do not wish to utilize it.

Advantages of Google Voicemail Transcriptions
Perhaps the biggest advantage of Google Voice’s Voicemail Transcription service is the fact that the service can be easily integrated with virtually all Google applications on the web interface. Both voice and audio transcriptions can be utilized by anyone on their Gmail application. However, you have to make sure that you have your account settings turned on correctly to fit your specifications.

Another big advantage is that the GV application allows users to make outgoing calls directly from their Google number. The Sprint Integration feature introduced sometime in March this year facilitates this service, and it has become popular with Sprint users.

Disadvantages of Google Voicemail Transcriptions
A notable drawback of this service is the fact that interferences like background noise affect the transcripts, which might make them unavailable. Moreover, the transcripts are available only in English, which does not bode well for people talking or doing business people in non-English speaking countries.

Another drawback is it is essentially “robotic”. Because a human is not doing the actual transcribing, accuracy is not guaranteed like with good transcription services providers. Errors, although sometimes funny, can change the entire meaning of a transcription and lead to confusion and a drain on time.

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