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Tips for Maximizing Video Marketing Success in 2016

Video marketing had a huge year in 2015 with B2B marketers, according to Web Video Marketing Council research. Businesses are quickly learning how effective video is for drawing attention, engaging with customers and overshadowing competitors. Here are a few brilliant ways to maximize video marketing success in 2016.

Tips for Maximizing Video Marketing Success in 2016

Lead Generation
Use video as a channel for lead generation, as it’s continuing to prove its enormous value as a component in the sales funnel. A recent study from Demand Metric found that 74% of businesses identify video as a top driver for conversions. When clients are on the verge of buying, a video is effective at closing sales.

Video Types
The types of videos that attract interest involve thought leadership, demonstration and client testimonials. Once these visual presentations stimulate curiosity, you can convince prospects to become buyers by taking video sharing to a more personal level and utilizing video transcription services for enhancing the content on client websites. After prospects have initiated contact, you can send them videos containing personal greetings, or product demonstrations if they’ve inquired about your business culture.

Sales Team Videos
It’s important to train your most animated sales professionals to become presenters of your products for video audiences. Evidence that video marketing works and generates a healthy return on investment was found in a study by Ascend2, which stated that companies using video marketing have outpaced competitors who ignore video by nearly 50% in revenue growth. Your own sales team already has product knowledge, which provides a more cost-effective solution than hiring professional script readers.

Video Transcription
A big advantage to using video production and video transcription services is that you will be able to collect much more data and content for your clients. You will be able to use important data from the video to market better.

Increase Visibility
While YouTube is the most popular place to host videos, since it’s free and offers an easy way to share through your web pages, using other social media platforms can enormously increase your brand visibility. Thes include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Snapchat, Dubsmash, Vine and Dailymotion.

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Tips for Maximizing Video Marketing Success in 2016
Article Name
Tips for Maximizing Video Marketing Success in 2016
Video transcription services empower business organizations to collect meaningful and important data for the clients. Here is a few brilliant ways to maximize video marketing success in 2016.
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