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Top 5 Eye Care Tips for Computer Screen Use


Computer vision syndrome describes a range of symptoms related to discomfort as our eyes adjust to the flicker rate, contrast and brightness of computer screens. Eyes use more muscles reading computer screens than paper and this extra work often leads to itching, burning and dryness. Following these tips reduces eye strain and increase your productivity and comfort.

1. Reduce Glare.
Properly adjust the lighting in your work space. If there is glare from outside light on your computer screen, move your screen or close window blinds to remove the glare. Overhead and desk lamps should not be brighter than the computer screen.Install a glare filter over your screen if you cannot adjust the lights or monitor position.

2. Take Breaks.
Every 20 minutes, look away from the screen and glance around the room or look out the window for 20 seconds. You can also schedule a five minute break away from the computer after every hour of work.

3. Keep Eyes Wet.
The brightness of a computer screen often keeps us from blinking. Therefore, when you start to feel tired, consciously perform repeated blinking. If you frequently experience dry eyes while working despite blinking, see your doctor about getting prescription eye drops.

4. Zoom In.
Many computer users will keep their settings at a 100% zoom despite discomfort. Increase your zoom to 150% or higher if that is more comfortable. While performing transcription, consider setting a large font size while typing and then decrease it to its standard size when you finish your work. This will not only make typing less strenuous on your eyes but editing your work will be easier as well.

5. Arrange Regular Eye Exams.
Keeping your corrective lenses updated will keep your eyes from working harder than necessary. Eye sight also changes with age so the sooner you know you require correction, the better. Otherwise, any sight problems will only worsen.

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