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Touch Keyboards: The Next Big Thing for Transcription Services?

Touch devices have taken over many aspects of business for most of the decade. Today, companies are using smartphones and
tablets for a whole range of activities including making video calls, accessing email, or conference calls. Touch devices have made it possible for people to conduct business wherever they are.

However, despite the popularity, adoption, and innovation of touch devices, one sector that has remained largely unchanged by the touch revolution is desktop computing. Granted, there are desktops that utilize touch technology. However, the adoption of the desktops is very small compared to the traditional Microsoft PC.

Touch Technology and Transcription Business

Will Transcription Services ever adopt touch keyboards?One of the areas in business that touch technology is not likely to disrupt in the short term is transcription. While the technology is great for smartphones, most transcribers prefer desktop computers for their everyday use.

Two elements that make transcription services efficient are speed and accuracy. Studies have shown that transcribers can type faster and more accurately on desktop PCs than tablets and other touch devices. Therefore, the innovation of touch keyboards may be detrimental to the transcription industry, rather than being beneficial. This is because the current crop of transcriptionists were raised with the desktop PC, and are comfortable working with it.

However, this is not to say that touch technology has no role to play in the transcription industry. Companies like Google and Microsoft have already rolled out touch computing devices that are increasingly being adopted in schools and companies worldwide for their effectiveness and cost. Apple is also playing catch-up to the two tech giants when it comes to desktop touch devices.

Future of Touch Desktop Computing

Mass adoption of touch devices in the transcription industry is likely to happen in a decade or so. This is when the generation that has been raised with the devices will be entering the workforce. At the same time, innovation in touch desktop computing will have improved, and devices will become more affordable and readily available in the market. But until then, today’s transcription companies will continue to rely on desktop computing for their day to day tasks.

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Use of Touch Keyboards for Transcription Services: Is it Possible?
Article Name
Use of Touch Keyboards for Transcription Services: Is it Possible?
While touch desktop computing is taking over the digital world, the question is whether transcription industry will ever adopt to this technology or not.

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