Transcribe Sermons/Speech for Wider Audience

Sermons, speech and messages are valuable, precious and demand hours for preparation. Transcription can be of great help if you want your message, sermon and speech to reach masses. Expand your ways to get in touch with your audience by getting transcribed your weekly conference speeches, sermons or other types of audios into text formats.

These transcripts prove to be a blessing for all those who prefer reading, those who have hearing problems or those who do not have computers. You can tape the messages in common formats-WAV, MP3 and WMV and get them transcribed into texts without any hassles.  Get the transcripts in PDF, word document or HTML.

Many transcription companies also offer efficient translation services along with transcription facilities. If you prefer to preach in Spanish and language is becoming a barrier, contact a good transcription company. Just be comfortable and focus on listening to His voice and convey the message in the preferred languages, your transcription company will take care of the rest.

All you have to do is send your sermon notes in Spanish and the experts from a Transcription Company will translate them in English for you. Translation of sermons is a crucial task; the underlying should not get hampered. It is better to look for a company that can read and understand you message properly to be able to translate it correctly.

Speech to text conversion is done flawlessly by the experts of transcription companies. So rather than trying to manage this work within your organization, it is better to outsource it for avoiding mess and getting quality results. Choose raw transcription or the one that has been cleared. Raw translation will include literal word to word transcription. Output may include slang and other things that were part of the audio tape. The screened transcription will be the edited version of your speech.

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