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Why Transcribed Videos on Your Site Make Marketing Sense

Online videos help boost your credibility and connect better with your followers. Video transcription adds even more power to your cause for several reasons. Whether your videos are short or long, your followers will appreciate a published version of the text, which can be a reference for better understanding and sharing. Search engines otherwise do not index the content within the video itself. The following reasons further explain the valuable advantages to video transcription.

Search Rank Opportunities
Uploading videos can get great rankings in both Google Search and YouTube Search. However, publishing the text can lead to greater visibility in both search engines. It even gives you an edge if a competitor uses the same tags for its video but doesn’t offer a transcription. The more informative a video is, the better it will be ranked in Google or YouTube, provided the description and transcription offer useful information.

Alternative for Text Readers
Not every online user prefers video over text. Some employees, for example, are not allowed to watch or listen to videos while working, but may be allowed to read. Videos can be blocked by corporate managers, so offering text provides an alternative way for them to engage with the contest.

Catering to Buyers and Researchers
Even certain users who do have access to videos still prefer text if they want to research your product, especially for purchasing. They might initially read the text to see if the video is worth watching then view it. Text can also reduce confusion caused by either poor quality audio or inability to understand the message.

Mobile Video Viewing
The importance of video transcription is best understood on mobile devices, which are designed to be simplified internet experiences. Since videos can be sluggish on mobile devices and use up bandwidth, text can help accelerate the experience. For local patrons looking for basic business information and customer reviews, mobile transcriptions come in handy and don’t take up as much time.

Reaching a More Universal Audience
Finally, transcripts simply reach a wider audience, which includes the hearing impaired and people who still like to read.

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Video Transcription : Increases The Value of Your Video
Video marketing industry is vast enough to merit few thousand words. Learn how transcription service can help in making the video more valuable and popular.

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