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Transcription: My Best Medicine

I’ve been typing for as long as I remember, and been loving it just as long, so when my mom found an article in a November newspaper advertising transcription online, I jumped at the opportunity! Within two weeks I was working for GMR Transcription along with my full-time office job, and loving my extra income. It made me feel good getting on the computer on the weekend and doing something beneficial instead of just staring at Facebook or World of Warcraft!

That next July I got a shock by being diagnosed at the age of 25 with lupus. I went from a sun-loving, canoe-tripping water baby to a girl ordered to stay out of the sun and getting sick just because of the fluorescent lighting at her job, even with the 100 SPF sunscreen that I was mandated to wear constantly.

After a few months of realizing that my full-time job was actually making me more sick, I convinced my husband to let me do transcription at home full-time instead. So instead of waking up every morning, taking my son to school, and driving 20 minutes to work, I now get to send my husband off to work in the morning, coffee and breakfast in hand, watch my son get on the school bus, and then walk into my office and sit down to work! It also allows me to be there when my son gets home from school, help him with homework, and have dinner on the table when my husband and mother get off work. When we take a long weekend, I dont have to ask a boss for a day off; I just work more on the days before and after. But, best of all, if I have a rough day where I just dont feel well (which happens more often than I like) I dont have that dreaded call in to the boss. If I need to go back to bed for awhile, I just do it! Working for GMR Transcription has been a lifesaver for me!

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