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9 Ways Transcription Services Will Improve Your SEO Rankings

When it comes to SEO rankings, you need to take advantage of every known opportunity since only so many links will fit on the first few pages of search results. The best way to get high rankings is to provide the most authoritative content, which includes transcripts of multimedia presentations. Here are nine ways that transcription services can help enhance your SEO and online marketing strategies.

1. Search Engine Indexation

Podcast and video transcripts can be posted on your blog, allowing search engines to index them. Google bots ignore audio or video content, so using transcription services for your media formats gives search engines rich text to index. By over-delivering with text to accompany video or audio, you increase your odds of being recognized by search engines, which favor deep content over thin sites. The more valuable information you can provide within a podcast transcript, the more likely search engines will view you as a thought leader in your niche.

2. Enhancing Content Consumption

Visitors who listen to your podcasts and watch your videos can follow reading along if you provide text on the same web page. People who are using your content for research will appreciate the convenience of referring to text if they cannot understand certain words or want to review the information. Giving your audience a choice on how to consume content always has advantages. 

3. Expanding Your Audience

You have the opportunity of expanding your audience by offering transcripts of your recordings. It may reach people at work who can’t acess audio or videos at work and it will also be useful for the hearing impaired. Some people prefer text because it gives them quicker access to information. 

4. Repurposing Content

Transcripts for audio or video recordings can be used to repurpose your content through different rich media format, such as converting the content into ebooks or slide shows. The more different ways you can deliver your message, the more people you can reach and influence. 

5. Expanding Monetization

While it’s possible to monetize your videos, you can expand your monetization by running ad platforms such as AdSense on your transcriptions. This strategy can expand your revenue streams.

6. Advantage Over Competitors

If your competitors are not focusing to include transcripts with their podcasts or video recordings, then you can gain a competitive edge. They may not see the value in transcription services, which will be your gain and their loss. 

7. Backlinks from Relevant Sites

You will be able to add links to your transcript text, which will help provide deeper knowledge to your presentation as it gives you an opportunity to promote various pages on your website. If you interview a guest, it gives you a chance to cross-promote them with a link. Exchanging links with relevant websites helps both businesses share the same audience. 

8. Better Connection with Non-Native Speakers

For people who speak other languages and may only know English as a second language, a transcript gives them a reference to work with to look up words they may not comprehend. Many people learn how to read foreign languages before they practice speaking or listening to them.

9. Keyword Optimization

Audio or videotranscripts will likely contain the key words that summarize your content. Keywords are what search engines use to connect online surfers with websites. Be conscious of this fact when you are making your podcast, whether it’s an interview or some other format.


Podcasts, video and other forms of multimedia help bring your web presence to life, but using transcripts adds to SEO strength. Since text is what search engines index and helps followers understand your content better, consider adding transcripts to all your audio and video work. 

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9 Ways Transcription Services Will Improve Your SEO Rankings
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9 Ways Transcription Services Will Improve Your SEO Rankings
Using transcription services can help enhance your SEO and online marketing strategies. Learn about 9 ways you can do so.

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