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Trending Stories’ Page Introduced for Twitter App on Windows 10

Twitter and social media in general are everywhere these days and most people are accessing it daily – at least people under the age of 30 and the particularly tech savvy adults who work in the industry. In fact, most people have a way to connect to twitter even when they’re on the go via their smartphone or tablet.

Twitter has become popular enough that Windows 10 updated their platform to make it easier for users to access it. While some of the features that Windows 10 is offering are just bringing Twitter app to everyday users, there are a couple of new features that people are talking about.

The big one is the trending stories section users can now see to keep track of their favorite social media posters. Keep reading to learn more about the trending stories section and why it’s creating a buzz among users and people in the tech industry.

Trending Stories
Trending stories is a simple addition to Windows 10 that uses the basic tile format that users know and love. What it does is simple – it provides a block of text and a photo about trending stories you might find interesting.

While it doesn’t sound groundbreaking, most users find the tool very convenient and use it regularly to browse their Twitter feed.

What About Mobile?
While Windows 10 has made it clear that Twitter is going to be an important part of future updates and the overall platform for Microsoft, there still isn’t a mobile app that customers can use on their phones. That includes all Windows Phone users who have devices by companies like HTC.

However, Microsoft has said that they will be introducing a mobile version soon, so users shouldn’t be waiting long.

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Article Name
Trending Stories’ Page Introduced for Twitter App on Windows 10
Twitter has introduced a new trending page for its application on the Windows 10 platform.

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