Unplugged: How to Stay Focused

10 pages of reading here, a 3- page paper there; with the privilege of higher education comes the hard work needed to power through those many sleepless nights of constant studying. While productive, those times of getting work done when you’re down to the wire can be some of the most stressful times of a student’s life. However different each situation may be, there is often times one common contributor to this hectic occurrence: procrastination.

We’ve all been there. You are to complete an assignment and are told that it’s not due until the following week. Instead of hopping on top of it right away, you decide to take some time for yourself, maybe go out and see that new action movie everyone’s been talking about. Before you know it, your week has quickly turned into 2 hours before your class and you’re sitting at your desk ready to pull your hair out with frustration.

There is only one way to avoid this scenario: stay focused. Although seemingly simple, this can be very hard for most people. However, there is one common technique that remains virtually fool proof for those who are brave enough: unplug. What does that mean? Turn off your phone for a few hours, maybe unplug your Wifi, block those many social media sites that you know you frequent more than your textbook. Do anything you have to do to ensure that any possible distractions you encounter will be at an all- time low.

If the thought of that alone is too unimaginable, think of it this way. All of your friends and family will still be there when you finish your assignment. Your time to complete said assignment however is ever dwindling. Get done what you need to today in order to enjoy your time tomorrow. Your future successful self will thank you!

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