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Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Marketing Reach

Today’s marketplace is web based and fast-paced, allowing people to connect instantaneously online. People are becoming more and more inclined to do business with other people on social networks. They would, however, much rather do business with those they know, like and trust, rather than a logo, a brand statement, or a faceless archetype. This is why being on a professional networking site like LinkedIn helps strengthen and expand your network of trusted contacts to extend your marketing reach.

How Podcasts Help Extend Conversation Beyond LinkedIn

For generating a personalized marketing approach vis-a-vis other members on LinkedIn, there is one marketing method that is often overlooked: podcasting. Podcasting is gaining huge popularity every day, and LinkedIn already has 500 million of its members using it, according to the new data released by this reputed professional networking platform. This simply means that members who are not using podcasts already, would do well to add them as an instrument in their “Know, Like and Trust” toolbox.

The reasons for doing so are simple. Many people don’t really have time read blog posts; they would much rather listen to a podcast during their commute, while working out in the gym, or in other leisurely activities.

Podcasts allow your voice to sink into the heads of listeners without the time commitment.

Podcasts and Linkedin Users: The Great Connect

A recent infographic shared by LinkedIn reveals that 35% of LinkedIn users worldwide regularly listen to podcasts. A social profiling within the data further reveals engagement levels with the podcasts rises significantly with seniority, such as heads of departments, executives, and VPs. This implies that people not using podcasts are missing out on a great opportunity to showcase what they have to offer to a captive audience of decision making authorities.

The Efficacy of Podcasts

Podcasts, being a richer medium, deliver your messages more effectively. While using the Messages and Posts features on LinkedIn is always great, podcasts add a whole new dimension to your communication, adding cues like the tone of your voice, and at the same time, bringing your whole personality to the fore. This helps listeners, both your clients and prospects, get to know the real you. People trust others more when they hear a voice. It allows them to understand the speaker’s intent, emotion and passion, as well as learn about their expertise in their specialized areas.

How to Get Your Podcast Noticed on LinkedIn

It is possible to embed your podcasts on LinkedIn with the help of SoundCloud. LinkedIn also has advanced features that allow you to publish blog posts and embed your podcasts in there. Your podcast can also be used as a source for blog posts on LinkedIn. By using audio transcription services such as by GMR Transcription, it’s possible for you to convert that audio into a written post as well.

More Content Paves the Way for More Consumers

It’s increasingly evident from many marketing studies that consumers need multiple pieces of content before making up their mind to purchase. Content marketing that offers detailed material like a free e-book or a podcast can help extend your conversation with the prospective buyers outside of the usual LinkedIn invites and messages.

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